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Manaul is a mythical bird creature in of Philippine mythology that was cited in the Code of Kalantiaw.


In the beginning, the earth consisted of the endless seas and skies. The great bird, Manaul, flew across this sapphire expanse searching for a perch. Tired of his endless flight, he appealed to the god of the Sea, Kaptan, and to the god of the Lands, Magauayan, for aid.

The two, however, fell into a quarrel with each other over who was more powerful. They then sought to resolve this dispute by war. Kaptan sent furious and immense waves at his nemesis. Magauayan, meanwhile, unleashed whirlwinds that pushed back the seas to reveal the lands underneath. This went on for a long time, with neither gaining on the other.

Manaul, desiring peace, then sent emissaries Kanauay and Amihan, to ask the gods to reconcile. But Magauayan and Kaptan ignored their pleas. Tired of the battle, Manaul thus flew to the tip of a high craggy mountain overlooking the ocean, and gathered colossal boulders. He then dropped these on the warring gods and succeeded in stopping them.

When a lull was finally reached, Manaul flew down from his mountain perch until he landed near a tall clump of bamboo. A few moments later, he heard a voice inside the grove asking him to open the bamboos as those inside wanted to be free. Moreover, they desired to help him maintain peace and promised to populate his domains. With a mighty blow from his beak, Manaul opened the bamboos. From one emerged the first man, Si-Kalao and from another, the first woman, Si-Kalay.


Based on the Code of Kalantiaw, (a book ascribed to a fictitious friar named José María Pavon but was actually a forgery by José E. Marco (1877-1963) who claimed to have discovered it in 1913), death penalty will be imposed to those who will kill this bird.