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In Hungarian folklore, the Szepasszony is a female demon who seduces young men and comes out to dance in storms and hail showers.


Szepasszony is a taboo word which translates to Fair Lady. Several expressions are associated with her. To "step into the platter of the Fair Lady" means to fall under a spell or one can describe a sick child as being "suckled by the Fair Lady."


The Szepasszony appears as a beautiful woman with long hair and a white dress.


Noon is the hour when the Szepasszony is the most powerful. Water dripping from the eaves forming a puddle constitutes a platter by which the Fair Lady can cast a spell on someone. It is considered dangerous to step into a circle of short grass surrounded by taller grass or no grass at all, since it may be the circle where the Fair Lady dances.