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Abdiel (Hebrew עֲבְדִּיאֵל "Servant of God") is a Seraph in the Sepher Raziel and in Milton's Paradise Lost. In the Bible, Abdiel is the father of Ahi, a clan leader of the tribe of Gad (1 Chronicles 5:15). The name is cognate to the Arabic name ‘Abdullah, which has the same meaning.

In Paradise Lost, Abdiel denounces Satan after hearing him incite revolt among the angels, and abandons Lucifer to bring the news of his defection to God. However, when he arrives, he finds that preparations are already underway for battle. In the ensuing fight, Abdiel smites Satan, Ariel, Ramiel, and Arioch, presumably among others.

In Asimov's Annotated Paradise Lost, Isaac Asimov theorized that Abdiel was in fact a representation of Milton himself. In Cyder, Ambrose Philips refers to Milton as "that other bard" and contrasts Milton to his character Abdiel.

A character named Abdiel appears among the seraphim in the novel Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle.

Abdiel is also the name of a villain in the Star of the Guardians trilogy by Margaret Weis.

Abdiel is also the "angelic name" of Arcade, the guardian angel intent to cause the Revolt of the Angels, in Anatole France's "Revolt of the Angels".

Aka : Arcade

Shape : Angel

Rank : Seraphin

Origin : Hebraïc

Myths : Abdiel was the most vindicative angel against the Rebels headed by Satan

Magic : appears on several pentacles of the Key of Salomon and the Legemeton

Source : Book of Raziel (XIII), Milton’s Paradise, Key of Salomon, Legemeton