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Abomination (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game game, abominations are the unwanted offspring of a deity and some other being. Abominations are immortal, spiteful, destructive creatures of immense power. Abominations are epic monsters.

Known Types of Abominations

  • Anaxim - Ill-conceived constructs crafted by gods of the forge.
  • Atropal - Stillborn godlings who spontaneously rise as undead.
  • Chichimec - Unwanted offspring of deities of the sky, air, and similar portfolions.
  • Dream Larva - Misbegotten offspring of deities of fancy, longing, and dream.
  • Hecatoncheires - The oldest abominations, born of proto-deities early in the multiverse's history.
  • Infernal - Infernals are born of the ill-starred meeting of god and fiend.
  • Phaethon - Phaethons are the progeny of fire gods.
  • Phane - Timelost abominations whose deific parents possessed portfolios relating to time or fate.
  • Xixecal - Xixecals are born of gods whose portfolios include evil, ice, and chaos.


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