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The akaname (垢嘗, lit. "mud licker") is a yokai in Japanese folklore.

An akaname as depicted in Toriyama Sekien's Gazu Hyakki Yakō


The Akaname looks like a frog-like human with wild hair, a long tongue and feet that end in a single clawed toe.


The akaname originated in the Yokai Gadan Zenshu, a monster anthology published in the 1920's by Fujisawa Morihiko then appeared in the first volume of Toriyama Sekien's famous Gazu Hyakki Yako.


The akaname can be found in dirty bathrooms by toilets and bathtubs. It usually enters at night when no one is around to bother it and uses its tongue to lick the bathroom surfaces clean. Despite its grotesque appearance, an akaname is harmless


An akaname appears in an episode of Ushio and Tora: Comically Deformed Theater. Comically Deformed theater is a series of short mini-episodes with the characters from the anime Ushio and Tora drawn in chibi style that's available as an extra on the box set of the Ushio and Tora anime.