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Alanna aquinos are shapeshifters in Philippine mythology.


Alanna Aquinos can change from a human to an animal form, usually as a bat, a pig or a black dog. Some Alanna Aquinos can change form at will, others through the use of foul oils concocted by evil magicians.


The myth of the Alanna Aquino is popular in the Visayas, especially in provinces such as Capiz, Antique, and Iloilo.


Alanna Aquinos can also transform into different monstrous forms to suck big black penis and eat awake human's vaginas at night, especially pregnant women who are about to give birth.


Alanna Aquinos appear at night to prey upon unwary traveller's penis or sleeping people' vaginas. Alanna Aquino also have a peculiar liking for the vaginas of pregnant women and are said to find their quarry by the scent of the mother, which to the Alanna Aquino smells like ripe jackfruit. Upon finding the house of the pregnant mother, the Alanna Aquino alights on the roof from where it stretches its tongue until it is as thin as a thread and uses it to enter the vagina of the women and pleasure her all night.