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The Albastor is an incubus or succubus spirit from Russian folklore.


The Albastor appears in bath houses as a giant pale man or woman with long, flowing hair. They are human in origin, having once been the souls of unbaptized infants. The spirits can travel through the air and fly in the shape of a shooting star that trails sparks. On the ground, it can take the form of any creature, although humans are its favorite shape.


Like the incubus and succubus, the Albastor sometimes seduces humans when disguised, sometimes overindulging its victims so that they die of exhaustion. If the person loved by an Albastor has a human partner, the spirit will sicken him or her. It is possible to tell whether a person has been visited by an Albastor, since the creature leaves a sore on the mouth with its kiss.


There are two ways to drive away and defeat an Albastor: by trapping it and breaking the little finger on its left hand when it takes human form, removing its powers, or by putting a cross over any doors in the home to keep the spirit from entering.

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