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The albatwitch is a small (about 4 feet tall), manlike creature which supposedly lived in wooded areas in the area of Columbia, Pennsylvania.

The creatures are named for a habit which they possess. Their bizarre common name is short for "apple-snitch", as they are reputed to have a taste for apples. Legends speak of how the albatwitches would oftentimes steal apples from picnickers, occasionally even throwing them at the startled people.

Their main area of residence seemed to be near Chickies Rock - a heavily wooded area along the banks of the Susquehanna River about a mile or two north of town where a manlike figure was seen on numerous occasions (last report is from May 2005) since the fifties. Other reported sightings have occurred in Lancaster (just 10 miles east), North Annville (about 20 miles to the north), and a number of reports have also surfaced in neighboring York County.

Legend also says that the albatwitches either became extinct or were driven nearly into extinction in the later years of the nineteenth century.