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In Christian demonology, Amdusias (also Amduscias, Amdukias, Ambduscias) is a Great Duke of Hell.

Amdusias, from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal.


Amdusias is depicted as a human with claws instead of hands and feet, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet to symbolise his powerful voice. According to other sources, this demon is depicted as a unicorn, and changes into a man under the request of the conjurer.


Amduscias has thirty legions of demons under his command (twenty-nine according to other authors) and has the rank of Great Duke of Hell.


Amdusias is associated with thunder and it has been said that his voice is heard during storms. In other sources, he is accompanied by the sound of trumpets when he comes and will give concerts if commanded , but while all types of musical instruments can be heard they can't be seen. He can make trees bend at will.


Amduscias a great and a strong duke, he commeth foorth as an unicorne, when he standeth before his maister in humane shape, being commanded, he easilie bringeth to passe, that trumpets and all musicall instruments may be heard and not seene, and also that trees shall bend and incline, according to the conjurors will, he is excellent among familiars, and hath nine and twentie legions. Pseudomonarchia daemonum - Johann Wier (1583)

Amdusias' seal.

The Sixty-seventh Spirit is Amdusias, or Amdukias. He is a Duke Great and Strong, appearing at first like a Unicorn, but at the request of the Exorcist he standeth before him in Human Shape, causing Trumpets, and all manner of Musical Instruments to be heard, but not soon or immediately. Also he can cause Trees to bend and incline according to the Exorcist's Will. He giveth Excellent Familiars. He governeth 29 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, etc. Goetia - S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904

Popular Culture

  • Amdusias appears in Castlevania's Symphony of the Night, Curse of Darkness and Portrait of Ruin. He resembles a tall, dark-clad man with a horse's head. While seldom encountered, it attacks the player with powerful lightning bolts and dashes. The games also state that he's one of the best musicians in Hell.
  • Ambdusias appears in Final Fantasy IX as a monster. It is represented as a Black Horse With Demon Wings.
  • Amduscia, a Mexican aggrotech band derives it's name from Amdusias.

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