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Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter is a series of horror fiction/dark fantasy novels created by author Laurell K. Hamilton and narrated in first person style by the title character, Anita Blake.


Anita lives in a fictional St. Louis, Missouri. Fictional because vampires and shapeshifters are real and everybody knows about them, as they are considered (and protected) by the American laws as normal citizens.

The novels follow Anita's ongoing conflicts with the supernatural as she attempts to solve a variety of supernatural mysteries, come to grips with her own abilities, and navigate an increasingly complex series of romantic and political relationships.

The Vampire Hunter series: facts

Anita lives in a world very similar to our own. The difference: things that go bump in the night are real.

Anita works for Animators, Inc. and she, as a powerful necromancer raises zombies for a living, which might be helpful in case the dead didn’t leave a will or he/she was killed and the police wants to know how.

She also works as a consultant for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team (RPIT), a division of the St. Louis Police force that deals with supernatural crimes.

Anita is a tough girl; she doesn’t have problems handling guns and makes the best out of them. Since the first novel she’s being chased by Jean-Claude, the Master of the City (though he wasn’t Master back then) and from novel three onward by Richard, Alpha werewolf and teacher. As the series go further, her love life seems to get more and more difficult because of new men getting into her life as well as difficulties in self-acceptance.

In the fiction Anita Blake is also known as the Executioner.


  • Guilty Pleasures, 1993 [1]
  • The Laughing Corpse, 1994 [2]
  • Circus of the Damned, 1995 [3]
  • The Lunatic Cafe, 1996 [4]
  • Bloody Bones, 1996 [5]
  • The Killing Dance, 1997 [6]
  • Burnt Offerings, 1998 [7]
  • Blue Moon, 1998 [8]
  • Obsidian Butterfly, 2000 [9]
  • Narcissus in Chains, 2001 [10]
  • Cerulean Sins, 2003 [11]
  • Incubus Dreams, 2004 [12]
  • Micah , 2006 [13]
  • Danse Macabre, 2006 [14]

Short Story Collections (with other authors)

  • Cravings, 2004 - (ISBN 0515136816, containing the first 3 chapters of Incubus Dreams)
  • Bite, 2004 Original short story

Comic Books

A monthly comic-book adaptation of the series is scheduled to appear starting in July 2006. The comic is to be adapted by Stacie M. Ritchie, illustrated by Brett Booth, and published by Dabel Brothers Productions

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