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Aoi Manto is a male ghost who waits in the last stall in the girls’ bathroom in Japan.


Aoi Manto means blue cape. He is also known as Aka Manto (red cape) and Aoi Manto (blue cape), Aoi Hanten and Aka Hanten, Aka Kami (red paper) and Aoi Kami (Blue Paper).


Anyone entering the bathroom hears a voice asking, “Which do you prefer, the red paper or the blue paper?”

If they pick “red,” he kills them by slashing their back or neck repeatedly with a blade, to make them look like they’re wearing a red cape. If they pick “blue,” then they’re killed by hanging.

Another version

A lady heard a voice saying, "Do you want red paper or yellow paper." The lady replied "Yellow" and had filty stuff poured on to her. She went to a police station to make a report, the police lady stationed there thought it was the work of a psycho and decided to check on the toilet.

When the policewoman failed to return, her colleague went to the toilet to check on her, only to discovered that the woman was lying on a pool of blood - Dead. Her answer was "Red".

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