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Archon (Dungeons & Dragons)

Archons are a type of lawful good celestial from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. These creatures are sent by higher powers striving for good to aid in battle against the forces of evil. The name comes from the Greek αρχων, pl. αρχοντες) meaning "ruler".

Archons are all extraplanar outsiders.

Archons share a number of magical powers:

  • They possess Darkvision, the ability to see in the dark.
  • They are immune to electricity and petrification.
  • They are resistant to poison.
  • They can teleport at will.
  • They can speak with any creature that has a language.
  • They have righteous aura that menaces nearby enemies and reduces some of their abilities.
  • They have a protective field that wards them against evil creatures and effects.

Archons live on the Outer Plane of the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia.

Types of Archons

  • Hammer Archon - Hammer archons strive to root evil out of its hiding places within the earth.
  • Hound Archon - Canine-headed defenders of the innocent and the helpless against evil.
  • Lantern Archon - Floating balls of light that give what assistance they can.
  • Owl Archon - Airborne scouts, messengers, spies, infantry, and protecters of lesser celestial creatures.
  • Sword Archon - Enforcers of the heavenly laws, its forearms can transform into holy flaming longswords.
  • Throne Archon - Commanders of the cities of Celestia and the judges of the Heavens, occasionally tasking themselves with meting out justice to the particularly vile or corrupt.
  • Trumpet Archon - Celestial messengers and heralds with considerable martial skills.
  • Warden Archon - Guardians of the gates of the Seven Heavens, and observers of the affairs of the Material Plane.
  • Word Archon - Using the power of truenames, they ensure such words inspire the good-hearted everywhere.

The Celestial Hebdomad

The celestial paragons of the archons are collectively known as The Celestial Hebdomad (and sometimes "tome archons"). The members include:

  • Barachiel, the Messenger - Ruler of Lunia, the bottom layer of Celestia, also known as the Silver Heaven.
  • Domiel, the Mercy-Bringer - Ruler of the Golden Heaven of Mercuria, the second layer of Celestia.
  • Erathaol, the Seer - Ruler of Venya, the Pearly Heaven, the third layer of Celestia.
  • Pistis Sophia, the Ascetic - Ruler of Solania, the Crystal Heaven, the fourth layer of Celestia.
  • Raziel, the Crusader - Ruler of Mertion, the Platinum Heaven, the fifth layer of Celestia.
  • Sealtiel, the Defender - Ruler of Jovar, the Glittering Heaven, the sixth layer of Celestia.
  • Zaphkiel, the Watcher - Ruler of the Illuminated Heaven of Chronias, the seventh layer of Celestia.


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