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Arulataq is an Eskimo name meaning "creature who makes a bellowing cry". This is creature that allegedly inhabits the vast tundra around southwest Alaska.


Arulataq translates as a creature that makes a bellowing cry. Alternatively known as Alaska's Hairy Man, Na'in, Toonijuk, and Bushman.

  • The Tlingit Indians of southeastern Alaska called it Kushtaka.
  • The Den'aina Indians of south central named it Nant'ina.
  • The Eskimos of southwest Alaska call it Urayuli or Hairy man.


Reports of a Bigfoot like creature described it as being at least 10 feet tall, having very long arms, very long hair and a bellowing cry. It is supposed to be more curious than predatory. It is horrendous looking and this seems to be the main reason why people that see it run away afraid.


The creature is an alleged night traveler. It is said to be fond of raiding campsites and stealing fish from inattentive fishermen. Arulataq is also blamed for disappearances of dogs and people. It has also been blamed for a few unexplained deaths.