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Asdghig, Astghik, or Astlik, (Armenian: Աստղիկ) is the prehistoric Armenian goddess of love and fertility. Later, she was personified as the skylight, identified as the wife of Vahagn and became the goddess of love, beauty, water sources and springs.



Astghik’s name is another form of Armenian աստղ astġ, meaning "star", which is associated to Sanskrit stṛ, Avestan star, Pahlavi star, Persian sitara´, Pashto storai, Latin and Italian stella and astro, French astre, Spanish astro, German stern, English star, etc. However, the name is not believed to be related to Semitic Ishtar.


Astghik is one of the astral trinity in the pantheon of Armenian deities, together with Aramazd (the sun, the father of deities and the creator of heaven and earth) and Anahit (the moon, the Great Lady and Mother Deity). During the Hellenistic period, Astghik was coupled with the Greek Aphrodite and the Mesopotamian Ishtar.

According to myths, Astghik’s chamber was located in Ashtishat (Taron), the North from Mush. It was dedicated to her lover, Vahagn, and had been called "Vahagn's bedroom".

Modern times

Every mid of July, Armenians celebrate the Vartavar festival in honor of Astghik. This festival is now celebrated as the Transfiguration of Christ. The highlight of the festival features releasing of doves and sprinkling of water on each other to wish good luck and good health.


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