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Bela Kiss (1877-?), in Hungarian Kiss Béla was a serial killer in the early 20th century. Originally he was a tinker in Cinkota, near the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. He has got 24 known victims.

He lived in Cinkota with his wife, Maria since 1900. He was reputed as a personable person by his neighbours. In 1912 his wife disappeared. Kiss said, she left him, and she live with her lover. After that he advertised for lays under the name "Hoffmann Kiss". The applicants had to go to Kiss's house, where he poisoned or choked them. In 1914, when the war begun, Bela Kiss was inducted.

In 1916 the police was adviced about 7 barrels in Kiss's house by the landlord. The police offcers thought the barrels can be useful for the army, because -as Kiss said earlier- these contains heavy oil. When the soldiers started to open the barrels, they smelt the stench of the carcasses. After that, the case was returned to the police, and detective Károly Nagy ordered to open all of the barrels. They found the bodies of 22 ladies, the body of Kiss's wife, and of her lover. One of the victimes was pregnant.

Bela Kiss was never been captured, because he desappeared in the war, but he was reported to seen in Budapest in 1919, in the French Foreign Legion in 1924 (under the name Hoffmann Kiss), but he deserted before he had been captured. In 1932 detective lieut. William Sheridan, called "the man with camera eye" recognised him in the Times Square, New York.

The criminal psychologists said, that he had got sexual-affair with his mother, so he become misogynist. He was crossed in love, and it become the stressor.