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Bakasura (also called Bakāsura, Baka, Vaka) (बकासुर) was a great Asura who lived near the city of Ekachakra.


Bakasura was used to forcing the Raja of the place to send him daily a large quantity of provisions, which he devoured, and not only the provisions, but the men who carried them. Under the directions of Kunti, her son Bhima took the provisions (consuming them on the way, specifically to annoy Bakasura, and also to eat while he was ritually clean--which he would not be after a battle), and when the demon struck him, a terrific combat followed; each one tore up trees by the roots and belaboured the other, till Bhima seized the demon by the legs and tore him asunder to the great relief of the citizens.

One day Kunti heard the woman crying next door and asked about details. It was the woman's son's turn to take huge quantity of rice and 2 bulls for the demon. Kunti offered one of her own sons and Bhima was asked instead. On the outskirts Bhima reached for the delivery and not seeing the demon, started eating rice. Once the demon came, Bhima killed him in the fight. At last, the demon asked water and Bhima with his mighty elbow cracked the rock nearby and got some water for the dying Bakasura.


Legends say that the city of Ekchakra is in Maharashtra modernly called as Erandol in Jalgaon District. It is in this city when the Pandavas were staying in their exile.

Today, tourists on the outskirts of Erandol can see the fallen rice markings of that era and a nearby water pond. Nearby Padmalay Ganesh temple on the hills is also important tourist and pilgrim destination.


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