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The Baldoon Mystery is a ghost story, originally from Ontario, Canada. The events of this case are alleged to have occurred between 1830 and 1840, within a few kilometers of Wallaceburg, Ontario.


A young man, Mr. John McDonald, had acquired a piece of land which had been in great demand. Buyers, notably an old woman, soon approached with repeated offers to buy the land from him, all of which he refused.

Later some young women of the McDonald family were working in a barn on the land, when they were startled by a pole falling from the ceiling, which they attributed to a natural cause and ignored. A second pole came crashing down but they could find no cause to explain it. A short while after a third pole crashed down to the floor, almost hitting them. Very frightened, they ran out and into their house.

From that day inexplicable things started to happen on the farm.

People were heard marching through their kitchen in the middle of the night, but nothing was ever visible. Bullets and stones came through windows daily until every window in the house had been broken and boarded up, but no person was seen. A man visiting the McDonalds, standing in their kitchen, was hit in the chest by a stone. He picked up the stone and threw it out into the nearby river. Minutes later the same stone mysteriously dropped at his feet in the kitchen. Fires started without cause all over the house, even on the roof.

The McDonalds heard of a woman, gifted with the ability of stone reading, who they visited. She asked if they had ever seen an unusual bird around their home and they remembered a goose with a black head. She told them to make a bullet out of silver and shoot the bird with it. If they wounded the bird, their enemy would be wounded also. John McDonald made a silver bullet which he always kept ready.

One morning he was out walking with his gun. Among a flock of geese he spotted one with a black head. He loaded the gun with the silver bullet and shot the bird, breaking its wing.

He walked to the house of the old woman who wanted to buy his land. She was seated on her front porch, in her rocking chair, with a broken arm!

From the time the bird was shot no more unusual happenings were ever reported at the McDonald farm.