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Krishna battles Shiva's army

Bana (also called Banasura (Sanskrit: बाणासुर)), in Hindu mythology, was a thousand-armed powerful and terrible asura and son of Bali.


Banasura ruled in present-day central Assam with his capital at Sonitpur (present-day Tezpur, Assam). All people, even the king of earth and Devas of heaven, were afraid of him. Bana was a follower of Siva. Banasura, having served Siva, requested a boon. Desiring to fight, he asks Siva who is a worthy opponent. Scorning his belligerence, Lord Siva tells him that he will be defeated by Krishna. The demon is pleased, and awaits this fate with impatience. His flag falls during a battle occasioned by Aniruddha.

In the war that ensued between Krishna and Shiva, Lord Krishna defeats Lord Shiva and then cuts the arms of Banasura, as he has become a burden to the earth. According to Bhagavatham, Lord Shiva wakes out of defeat worships Lord Krishna as the Absolute truth and requests him to save his disciple (Banasura) for which Krishna obliges. Users can please check this link that would lead to the orginal source of Srimad Bhagavatham in which Sage Vyasa describes the war..

Reference from Srimad Bhagavatham