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Bigorne devours a man in a landscape - 1621

The bigorne or bicorn is a mythical beast in the folklore of Anjou, Normandy and Auvergne in France.


The bigorne is a large, fat cat-like creature with two horns.


The beast was known to grow very fat through living on good and enduring husbands. (« Bons hommes sont sa nourriture ») : « par le corps bleu, la chicheface n'a garde de vous manger, car je puis sûrement juger, que vous êtes fière et rebelle » (tiré de Le Savetier et le Moine et la Femme). It was usually accompagnied by another beast called Chichevache.


Renard le Contrefait (a farce written between 1328 and 1342).

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