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The sea bishop or bishop-fish is a type of sea monster that was reported in the 16th century.


The creature has been described as being a large creature with a scaly, fish-shaped body, claw-like flippers and a large fin, which can allegedly wrap around the animal in a fashion that resembles the cloak of a clergyman. The head appears to be extended in fashion that resembles a bishops mitre; hence the creature's name.


  • The existence of this animal was first documented in the 1433, when a specimen was found swimming in the Baltic Sea. According to the legend, the creature was captured and offered to the King of Poland who was so pleased that he refused to return the beast to its aquatic environment. It was also shown to a group of Catholic bishops, to whom the bishop-fish gestured, appealing to be released. The bishops managed to convince the king that animal should be returned to its natural habitat. Once released by the bishops, the grateful creature purportedly made the sign of the cross before plunging into the ocean's depths.
  • Another creature was supposedly captured in the ocean near Germany in 1531 but died after three days. It was described and pictured in the fourth volume of Conrad Gesner's famous Historia Animalium.
  • Some researchers believe that the Bishop Fish may be a kind of deformed manta ray, whose features bear some slight semblance to those of a man. Other candidates can be found among the deep ocean fishs that sometimes go to the surface.

Popular culture

Bishop Fish is Monster in My Pocket #58.


  • Gesner, C. Historia Animalium

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