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The Blue Lady is the ghost of a woman reportedly seen in and around the Moss Beach Distillery Cafe in Moss Beach, California, USA.


She is so-named because she usually dressed all in blue. She is said to originate from the Prohibition era.


When the Distillery (known in its early years as "Frank's Place", after its builder and owner, Frank Torres) was first built in 1927, it was one of the main receivers of alcohol that was smuggled into California from ships that supplied liquor from Canada; following Prohibition, the San Francisco area, among other places in the United States, smuggled alcohol into the country in any way possible. As Frank's Place was located on an isolated bluff and was a classy restaurant, it was allegedly never raided by police.

It was at Frank's Place that a young woman who frequently wore blue met her fate. Very little is known about her; nobody has admitted that they knew her and thus all that has been passed down are rumors. There are many variations on the story:

Unhappily married, she came to Frank's Place for escape and excitement. She ended up falling in love with a piano player at the cafe and, one night, her husband caught her flirting with her lover. Her body was later found on the beach below, stabbed brutally.

Another version is that her husband knew nothing of her affair and that they had a son. She was killed in a car crash as she was traveling to meet with her lover.

Whatever the story, the Blue Lady still frequents the Moss Beach Distillery, sometimes inside the cafe, sometimes wandering in reverie on the bluffs that overlook the sea, her clothing either bloodstained and cut, or intact and clean.


On episode 411 of Sci-fi Channels Ghost Hunters, The Atlantic Paranormal Society investigated Franks Place, now know as "Moss Beach Distillery", and found that there was a variety of devices installed in the ceilings and walls to simulate paranormal activity. This included a speaker built into the bathroom ceiling wired to a sensor on the bathroom door, a two way mirror and a timer and hydraulic device that causes the chandeliers to shake. The Executive Chef, Spencer Gray, said he neglected to notify TAPS of the effects which were installed "many years ago" to "heighten the customer's experience without detracting from the genuine experience" because it "slipped his mind."

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