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The Bunnyman is an urban legend of Fairfax County, Virginia in the United States. There are many legends of how the story orginated. Some say there was a mental institution near the county and locals complained. When moving the patience there was a brake out, the police managed to round up all of them but two. The escapee's names were Marcus Walster and Douglas J. Grifon. As police searched they were finding half eaten animals (most of the rabbits.) all over the woods. Then the police were passing a local bridge with rail road tracks going over it where they found Marcus Walster hanged on a tree over looking the bridge. They kept searching for Grifon, but he was nowhere to be found, except a small trail of half eaten rabbits. Eventually they found him, on top of the bridge. Grifon would not be apprehended so easily though and tried to escape, but was hit by an oncoming train. Another story says that the Bunnyman was a family man who killed his whole family during Halloween, but kept his house open for trick or treaters. Another says he killed his family during Easter Sunday.

People say that his ghost haunts the bridge and he will kill anyone who is foolish enough to stay after nightfall. The weapon of choice is normally a small axe or hatchet that he throws at his victims. Normally he won't appear before a crowd but will take a loner and then hang their body on the bridge. Though there has never been a "documented" killing on the bridge there was a scare in the 1970s of a couple driving past the bridge when a "bunny suited" man jumped from the bushes by the bridge and threw a hatchet at them, yelling "Get off my land!"

The bridge is now under police surveillance cameras and they patrol the area on Halloween to ward off trespassers. Though that doesn't stop people from coming in to check things out.

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