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The Bwbachod or otherwise known as the Bwca or Bwbach is a Welsh household spirit that belong to the same family as brownies.


According to Sikes in 'British Goblins', they have one outstanding characteristic, which is their dislike of teetotallers and of dissenting ministers. The Bwbachod also likes to harass those who don't drink alcohol.


Sikes tells a story of a Cardiganshire bwbach who took a special spite against a Baptist preacher, jerking away the stool from under his elbows when he was kneeling, interrupting his prayers by clattering the fire-irons or grinning in at the window. Finally he frightened the preacher away by appearing as his double, which was considered to be ominous of death.

In modern Welsh, a bwbach is a bogey or scarecrow.

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