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Cait Sith is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology said to haunt Scottish Hightlands.


The root words Cait (meaning cat in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic) and Sidhe, that stands for faery folk and/or other otherworldly beings, means fairy cat.


Cait Sith was said to be as big as a dog and completely black, with the exception of one white spot on its breast. The myths surrounding this fairy animal is more common in Scottish Folklore, though some come from Irish folklore as well Kellas Cat.


Just like a real cat, Cait Sith could be ferocious if stumbled upon.

Folk beliefs

It is possible the origin of the Cait Sith is related to some of the mystery black cats that have been caught in the region, a rare breed, extremely aggressive if cornered still populating the Highlands.

By the way, some folklore suggested that the Cait Sidhe was not a fairy, but a witch that shapeshifted to animal form.

See also Cu Sith Cusith