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Capirussa is a creature which was supposed to live in Indië (now Indonesia), but was once seen in the Meuse River at Brielle (Brill), The Netherlands.

The Capirussa is known from a dairy from the 17th century, written by a local priest wich saw the 'fire breathing beast in the river Meuse (D: Maas)'.

The Capirussa has been the unique shieldbearer of Brill's Coat of Arms. In the modern Coat of Arms The Capirussa is no longer the shieldbearer. In 1816 Capirussa has been replaced by the beter known centaur.


The name could be a corruption of Caperisca, a small goat-like creature. Another possibility could be a corruption of Capripus, meaning goat’s foot.


A female beast with a human face, a collar of jester’s bells, pointed flappy ears as those of a hound, goatlike paws and a dog’s plumy tail.