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Category:Ghost ships

You might have seen the film, Ghost Ship, but not might be aware that ghost ships have existed for centuries. Like the movie, some ghost ships are fictional, while others are real. We have provided links to pictures and stories about ghost ships below. Some ghost ships are usually believed to be crewed by the dead, while some ghost ships are real ships that have disappeared or sunk tragically. Yet, other ghost ships are still afloat today, but believed haunted by ghosts, such as the Queen Mary and the USS Lexington. Also of interesting note, real ghost ships such as the Mary Celeste, Baychimo, MV Joyita and the Jian Seng were found sailing the seas with no crew!

Fictional ghost ships in literature appeared in the 1700's in books such as The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - the most famous ghost ship being The Flying Dutchman. Also see: Ghost Ships Videos


This millennium has brought ghost ships back into people's minds, as movie makers are making famous The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman in the Disney trilogy The Pirates of the Caribbean. Fans of the movies can watch the ghost ships go to battle in the third installment, which has spawned all sorts of children's playsets and games. Of note, the Black Pearl had one of the scariest ghost ship crews in the first movie, as they were truly a "skeleton crew." The second film had the Flying Dutchman filled with all sorts of sea creature crewmen as a truly unique and unbeatable ghost ship. The third movie pitted both ghost ships against one another, but then brought the ghost ships together in battle against a British armada.

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