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Category:Zulu mythology

Zulu mythology contains numerous deities, commonly associated with animals or general classes of natural phenomena. uKqili is the highest god and Unkulunkulu is the creator of humanity. Unkulunkulu ("ancestor") was created in Uthlanga (also Uhlanga), a huge swamp before he came to Earth. Uthlanga was created by the Sky Father Umvelinqangi, god of thunder and earthquakes. Other deities include Mamlambo, the goddess of rivers, and Mbaba Mwana Waresa, a goddess of the rainbow, agriculture, rain and beer (which she invented). Uhlakanyana is an evil dwarf-like being; Intulo is a humanoid lizard. Tikoloshe is a dwarf with only half of a body, one arm, one leg, etc. Tikoloshe fights humans, usually killing them; if he loses, he will teach the human magic and healing. Unwaba is a chameleon who was sent to humanity to grant them immortality. Unwaba was too slow, leading to the current mortality of humanity. The chameleon's color changes from green to brown because it is mourning Unwaba sloth. The Tokelosh is a small creature which, if one sleeps to close to the ground, will strangle its victim to death during the night. To avoid this most Zulus sleep on beds raised on three or more bricks placed under each post.

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