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Chessie is a sea serpent that supposedly lives in the Chesapeake Bay.


Chessie, or the Chessies, since they have been seen in groups and differ in size, is a creature usually 30 to 40 feet in length, with a snake-like body, dark in color, having an elliptical, football-sized head.


In the 1800's animals were reported to be living off the coast of New England, and particularly the port of Gloucester. The description of the creatures are so similar that some have speculated that the New England creatures migrated south to the Chesapeake Bay at the beginning of the century.

Clyde Taylor and his daughter, Carol, were walking along the beach near the mouth of the Chester River in the Chesapeake Bay. Out in the bay they spotted a ripple moving across what was otherwise smooth, calm water. Following the ripple they spotted a creature in the water. It was black or amber in color, thirty feet long and as thick as a telephone pole. It traveled through the water with a up and down undulating motion.

"The eye looked like a serpent's eye, like a large snake eye," said Clyde. "I could see no marking on the body - it was just a long tube, like an anaconda or python. It didn't look like a fish, but like a giant serpent."

Carol Taylor got within 30 feet of the creature before it spotted her and disappeared into the water.

"There was no way that it could have been someone faking something," she said, "there was no one in sight, there were no boats around, the water was only about knee-deep."

Large groups of people have spotted Chessie. In 1980 four charter boats carrying 25 people observed a version of the creature. Chessie has also been captured on video and film, though none of these has been clear enough to be accepted as proof of the monster.


Enough reports have been filed about Chessie that Mike Frizzell, Director of Project Enigma, a study of the Chessie phenomena, was able to correlate it's appearances with motion of Bluefin fish in the area, suggesting that the serpent uses the fish as a food source.

One theory that has been advanced to explain Chessie is that a vessel from South America had a giant anaconda, a snake capable of living in freshwater, on board. The snake escaped and adapted to the brackish water. It would take several snakes, or a pregnant female to explain the multiple sightings, though, and an anaconda would not fair well in the cold northern winters. Other explanations, like the oarfish, have been proposed, but the color and shape of the creature seems wrong for these.