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The Crow considered some 100 million acres in the area where the states of Wyoming and Montana are now located, and that homeland was claimed by Crow Chief Sits in the Middle.

It is said that he sat in the middle of what was Crow homelands and declared the four corners as Crow territory. It was filled with buffalo and other wildlife, prairies with abundant grasses and mountains.

The Crow fought to keep their homeland, and despite their small numbers they were successful against other tribes.

The Lakota, Shoshone and Cheyenne also claimed part of the same territory as their homelands.

The Crow story is that the three tribes aligned with the intent of annihilating the Crow in war. The Crow warriors were outnumbered 10 to 1, but in a heated battle against the three foes won a great victory.

Legend has it that the three adversaries were driven back each time they attempted to charge the Crow warriors - driven back by one warrior. Each time the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho mounted an attack they were driven back, over and over again, by this lone warrior.

When the three nations decided they would not be successful, they stopped attacking and began the process of talking to their enemy. It was the custom to meet with the warrior who fought bravely in battle.

The Lakota especially wanted to meet with the single warrior who stopped their attacks. When the Lakota described the warrior and his horse to the Crow leaders, the leaders were confused.

There was no such warrior among the ranks of the Crow warriors.

The Crow believe that divine fate saved the Crow that day.