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In Asturian and Cantabrian (northern Spain) folklore, a culebre or cuélebre is a dragon-like creature.


Culebre is usually described as a huge snake with two bat-like wings, that exhales fire and sulphur. When it grows older, its scales become thick and impenetrable, and additional flag wings grow in its bodies.


Culebres live in caves, where they usually guard huge treasures and keeps xanas as prisoners. They usually don't go out except a few times during the year when they should prey on big mammals or humans.


Culebres are said to be immortal but after 600 years, they must flee the Asturias and fly to the Mar Cuajada, a paradise located beyond the sea. In Midsummer, which is a magical night in Asturian and Cantabrian folklore, it is possible for brave men to defeat the cuélebre, whose spells don't take effect that night, marry a xana princess and steal the treasure. One can also kill the cuélebre by giving him as meal a red-hot stone or a bread full of pins. Its spit it is said to turn into a magic stone which heals many diseases.