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Dalaketnon refers to the bad nature spirits (engkanto) in the Philippine folklore.


Dalaketnons appear as tall and good-looking male and female humanoids. They usually dress fashionably, live in mansions and aim to fit into the mortal world. Whenever they manifest their powers, their hairs and eyes turn white.


Some believe that the only way to Dalaket, their dwelling place, is by entering the Dalaket trees.


Dalaketnons kidnap people and bring them to their world. Dalaketnons held a feast for their victims and force them to eat the Black Rice that turns them into slaves.


They can generate tangible, living duplicates of themselves continually. The good engkanto were their mortal enemies.

See Also


  • Mga Engkanto: A Bestiary of Filipino Fairies. Philippines: eLf ideas Publication. 2003.