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The Dzu-Teh is the Himalayan Red Bear (Ursus isabellinus Horsfield). It is often associated with the Himalayan Blue Bear (Ursus pruinosus Blyth) and the Himalayan Brown Bear, (Ursus arctos isabellinus), with regard to the Yeti myth and later the Abominable Snowman (circa 1921), phenomenon from its early inception due to the location of its Himalayan habitat.

Himalayan Brown Bear


During the Daily Mail Abominable Snowman Expedition of 1954, Tom Stobbart encountered a Dzu-Teh. This account is recanted by Ralf Izzard in his book The Abominable Snowman Adventure| journal. The report was also printed in the Daily Mail expedition dispatches on May 7th 1954]] [1]. Ralf Izzard was the Daily Mail correspondent on that expedition in 1954.


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