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The Gancanagh

A Gancanagh is a male faerie in Irish mythology that is known for seducing human women.

Aka: gan ceanach, gancanagh, ganconer, ganceann, love talker (Irish), geancanach.


The Gancanagh usually appears as a debonair little man in lonely glens, with a purse in one of his pockets, and a dudeen (short Irish clay pipe) which he either hold in his hand or has clenched in his teeth. Though he does not smoke it because faeries generally detest smoke.


The Gancanagh seduced young maidens with his enchanting voice and whispered nonsense then would promptly disappear, leaving the maiden to cry away for him. Few of his victims live for very long afterwards dying of despair and a broken heart.

To meet him meant bad luck, and whoever was ruined by ill-judged love was said to have been with the gancanagh.

The geancanach

In the Hebrides Islands of Scotland, the geancanach is believed to be harmless, craving the warmth of the fireplace and usually found around a blazing fire at your hearthside.