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Gjergj Elez Alia was a great warrior in Albanian folklore.

Gjergj Elez Alia

The Song of Gjergj Elez Alia

The song of Gjergj Elez Alia is sung with lahute or Çiftelia by the rhapsodes in Albania. This song is a part of the Albanian Songs of the Frontier Warriors (Albanian: Këngë Kreshnikësh or Cikli i Kreshnikëve).

The content

Gjergj Elez Alia had nine wounds and had been suffering for nine years in his home while everybody had forgotten him. For those nine years, her sister took care of him. Then, a new enemy known as Balozi i Zi (black knight) from the sea came to the village destroying the houses and killing people.

One day, Gjergj felt the drops of water on his face and thought that maybe his house was old so the rain passes through the roof. Her sister explained that the drops of water were not from the rain but it was her tears. She also told his brother that Balozi will come and get her sooner or later. Upon hearing his sister’s burden, he requested her to prepare his horse for war. The next day, Gjergj met Balozi and slew him. He returned home victorious but as he and her sister hugged joyfully, their hearts stopped beating and they both died in that instant. They were both buried in the same grave and everyone who pass at their grave remembered Gjergj great deeds.


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