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Graouli (or Graouilly, Graouilli, Graully) is a dragon that terrorized the city of Metz, France.


Graouli cognates with Gargouille, Gargantua, Gorgone, Galaffre. It probably derived from the German graülich meaning "monstrous, stinky, ugly.


The Graouli was described as a dragon with two legs, red wings and the beak of a duck.


The dragon was supposed to eat two maiden every morning and after months of vain struggle, the area was getting deserted. St Clément, (IIId century after Christ), went to the Roman amphitheatre where Graouli dwelt and bound it with his scarve to drive him to the river Seille where it disappeared never to be seen again. He was then appointed first Bishop of Metz.

The statue of Graouli has been driven around the city of Metz for procession happening during the Rogations et de la Saint-Marc. People on the street would stuff it with cakes.


"C'estoit une effigie monstrueuse, ridicule, hydeuse, & terrible aux petitz enfans : ayant les oeilz plus grands que le ventre, & la teste plus grosse que tout le reste du corps, avecques amples, larges, & horrificques maschouères bien endentelées tant au dessus comme au dessoubs : les quelles avecques l'engin d'une petite chorde cachée dedans le baston doré l'on faisoit l'une contre l'aultre terrificquement clicquetter, comme à Metz l'on faict du Dragon de sainct Clemens" - Rabelais, le Quart Livre.