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Harionago (Japanese: 針女子), also known as Harionna (Japanese: 針女), is a frightening female ghoul in Japanese mythology.


Her name literally meaning Barbed woman.


Harionago is said to wander the roads of the Japanese prefecture of Ehime on the island of Shikoku, searching for victims.


Harionago is said to be a beautiful woman with extremely long hair tipped with thorn-like barbs. Her hair is under her direct control, and she uses it to ensare men. When she finds a young man, she will laugh at him, and if the young man dares to laugh back, Harionago will drop her terrible, barbed hair and attack.


  • Yura of the Hair, a hair-comb tsukumogami encountered in an early episode of Inuyasha, uses mobile hair as a weapon much like the harionago.
  • The character AA-Ko from Ueda Hajime's Q-Ko-Chan uses her hair as a weapon, by extending it like needles...

Hailing from Ehime prefecture on Shikoku, this female ghoul has on her head a huge and terrible mass of mobile hair, each serpentine strand tipped with a sharp, barbed hook. She is fond of tormenting and preying upon young men. Appearing on roads as a beautiful woman, she laughs derisively at whoever strikes her fancy, and if he makes the mistake of laughing back, she lets down her deadly hair and gives chase.