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The Huay Chivo is a legendary Mayan beast specific to the Yucatán Peninsula.


The name Huay Chivo combines Spanish and Yucatec Mayan terms. Huay or Uay comes from Waay in Yucatec Maya, meaning sorcerer or spirit, while Chivo is Spanish for goat, literally meaning Witch-Goat.


The Huay Chivo is a local variation of the Mesoamerican Nahual, an evil sorcerer who can transform himself into a supernatural animal, usually a goat, dog or deer, in order to prey upon livestock.


The Huay Chivo is described as a half-man, half-beast creature, with burning red eyes. In recent times it has become associated with the chupacabras.


Alleged Huay Chivo activity is sporadically reported in the regional press.

See also


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