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Jasconius is an enormous fish in the story of Saint Brendan.


Because of its size Brendan and his fellow voyagers mistake it for an island and land to make camp. They celebrate Easter on the sleeping giant's back, but awaken it when they light their fire. They race to their ship, and Brendan explains that the moving island is really Jasconius, who labors unsuccessfully to put his tail in its mouth.


  • Accounts of seafarers' encounters with gigantic fish appear in various other works, including the Book of Jonah and the 19th century books Pinocchio and The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen.
  • A sea monster mistaken for an island also appears in the story of Sinbad the Sailor.
  • The name Jasconius is used for the whale in the children's book The Adventures of Louey and Frank by Carolyn White. She attributes the name to having grown up with the legend of Brendan.
  • Jasconius also appears in the game Magic: the Gathering as the card "Island Fish Jasconius."

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