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In Japanese mythology Jyubokko (樹木子, Vampire Tree) or Jubokko is a kind of tree spirit, which is said to feed off the energy of humans.


Jubokko are sometimes said to suck the blood of humans and according to some tales they were born by growing near carnage places or battlefields where so much human blood was shed on the ground that it was sucked up in great quantities by the roots of certain trees.


Jyubokko are not like all other trees, and in fact if a jyubokko is cut, it will bleed red blood like a human. However, they are also fast healers and tend to be sturdier than other trees. Any branch taken from a jyubokko tree, with permission, is a powerful item that can be used to heal and purify by nearly anyone. Jyubokko may also hide themselves amongst other trees and bushes, and they may even appear to alter the flora around them. They may make it easy for someone to become lost in the nearby forest, through communication with other plants.