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The Karakoncolos is a variety of forest goblin from Northeast Anatolian Turk and Bulgarian folklore.


The name probably comes from the Greek Kalikantzaros. The Bulgarian name of the creature is Karakondjul (or Karakondjol, Bulgarian: Караконджол).


The Karakoncolos only appears in the nighttime. It is described as having an ugly brownish or reddish face with thick hairy fur covering its whole body.


The Karakoncolos is merely troublesome and rather harmless, however if offended it can become truly nasty. In Bulgarian folklore Karakoncolos are ghouls who stalk people in the dark. Then they jump on the victim's back, causing them to lose their way home. Koukeri (or kukeri) is the name of a Bulgarian custom, the purpose of which is to scare the evil and keep it away.


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