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Kikimora (also known as Shishimora) is a female house spirit in Slavic mythology, sometimes said to be married to the Domovoi.

Illustration by Ivan Bilibin



In some tales she has a head as small as a thimble and a body as thin as straw. In other tales she is said to look like an average woman with her hair down (Slavic women kept their heads covered). Then she looks like a small humpbacked woman in dirty dress.


Kikimora looks after the chickens and the housework if the home is well kept. If not, she will tickle, whistle, and whine at the children at night. She comes out at night to spin; if she appears spinning to someone it is said that person will die. To appease an angry Kikimora it is said one should wash all the pots and pans in a fern tea.


She usually lives behind the stove or in the cellar of the house where she haunts. Kikimora can also be found in a swamp or forest.