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Lou Carcolh, also called the Carcolh, is a subterranean French monster that resembles a gigantic snail.


Lou Carcolh is said to have characteristics of both a serpent and a mollusc. It has an enormous shell and a long, flexible and boneless body. The creature lived in a deep cavern underneath the French village of Hastingue. It secreted a sticky slime from its body. Its gaping mouth was surrounded by long, hairy, slimy tentacles that it would stretch out for miles from its lair to find food.


Although Lou Carcolh was a sluggish monster and never left its cave, it was still extremely dangerous. If a living creature, whether an animal or a person, strayed too near the tentacles, they would quickly be snatched up by the monster and then slowly dragged down into the giant snail's cavern. Lou Carcolh was not a picky eater, and would swallow whole and alive anything its tentacles caught.


A sluglike monster in the Final Fantasy series is named Lou Carcolh after the legendary monster snail.


A monstrous snail that makes its home in a vast and dark cavern, above which the city (Hastingue) lies, a sort of long, viscous, and hairy serpent, which, quickly emerging from its hole, wraps itself around the imprudent with its horrible tentacles, snatches them into its shell, as high and deep as a house, and makes a mouthful of them.

-Revue de Gascogne


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