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Melchom is a demon in the Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal.


Melchom is the paymaster of civil servants in hell. He is known as the demon who carries the purse.


Melchom has a variety of appearances when he is roaming on Earth. Before, he was reported as a fat medieval merchant or a tall soldier, an artist or a rich nobleman. Since war is good for the greedy he is, Melchom is probably today disguised as an politician or a wall street tycoon.


Melchom was the god or idol of the Ammonites, otherwise called Moloch, and Melech: which in Hebrew signifies a king, and Melchom signifies their unearthly king. Their king referring to Melchom, their unholy idol.

Septuagint the sage reads:

The Ammonite god is said to do what they do, namely, occupy the Israelite land of Gad. To Jehovah, the theocratic "King" of Israel, the land belonged of right; so that their Molech or Melchom was an usurper-king.

This statement applies that while the ammomites lived in Gad, so did Melchom, but after they were chased from there by the Israelites, Melchom was cast down from his idolic throne, this is the moment when Melchom was embodied as a demon after King David "took his crown". In this new form he is a lesser demon, and is the paymaster of servants in hell. He is known as "he who carries the purse". He loves Creation so much that he wants to own it all. He does the best he can by instilling greed in humans, who can then be manipulated by his Servitors, who, in turn, are manipulated by Melchom.