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The Muan, Moan or Mohan (moo-ahn), sometimes also known as Poira is a name applied to several mythological or otherwise supernatural creatures in South and Central American Folklore.

Ghosts and witches

The most common and widespread use of the term is to refer to the souls of the dead and the indigenous ancestors of old. The word is also used for shaman or witch-doctors in some Colombian indigenous cultures (such as the Panches).

Nature spirits

In Colombia, Mohan is also used to describe a forest or barren land kind of supernatural being associated with natural forces such as the great rivers and the mysteries lying within the forests, beyond human reach and comprehension.

In some legends, it steals and rapes young women, being then like a satyr-like being, said to have a cave-like grotto in the bottom of the great jungle rivers where he keeps his female captives. In others, it is depicted as the spirit of an old Indian, very brawny and stout, with a terrifying grin and stare, having also more than human stature and proportions, who steals the fisherman's bait, catch or nets, and as having the power to change shape into a cat-like beast.

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