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Monster of Lake Fagua

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The Monster of Lake Fagua is a legendary creature resembling a harpy.

File:The Monster of Lake Fagua.jpg
The Monster of Lake Fagua


The Monster of Lake Fagua was claimed to have been captured in Santa Fe, Peru. An article about this creature was written in the Courier de L'Europe in France in 1784 stating that it had been captured and was going to be on display in Europe.



The Monster of Lake Fagua is described as being 20 feet long, with a human face, bull-like horns, huge donkey-like ears, lion-like teeth, bat-like wings, and the lower body of a dragon with two long pointed tails which it used to sting and attack enemies. The Monster of Lake Fagua also attacked using its rings or suckers to grab its prey. It was said to be nocturnal and its diet consisted of livestock, like cattle and pigs.


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