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Monstropedia:Community Portal

1 Community bulletin board
2 To do lists

The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on Monstropedia. Learn what tasks need to be done, who is working on what, and get or post news about recent events or current activities.

  • See the help page for the tutorials, or ask a question for assistance.
  • The Monstrous Forum is Monstropedia's main discussion site.

Community bulletin board

How to ? - the monstrous methodology

Please use the Help pages and report to your editor or in the Monstrous Forum if you have any questions.

Check on a regular basis the Editors Guides to understand the writing and classification system.


Monstropedia is a wiki encyclopedia about monsters which means it is a collective cultural and informal work carried out by members of the Monstrous community. There are neither masters, nor commanders but Guardians, Editors and Monstropedians.

To get a better understanding, I will point you to the excellent MeatBall page about BarnRaising.

  • Occasional writers are qualified as Monstropedians
  • Editors who are responsible for a whole category or subcategory of creatures are simply called Editors
  • Guardians are those who are responsible for the integrity of the content and enforce the rules.

To become a Guardian, you have to be an Editor first and to become an Editor, you have to show that you can create sound articles as an Monstropedian....


Editors pool


Chief Editor. New writers please contact me:


Demonology and human monsters (on leave)

Bloody Angel

Vampires and other death creatures

The Seeker

Himmapan creatures and werewolves.

To do lists

Monstropedia is a work in progress and will always remains "unachieved", just because man discovers new creatures or creates fictional ones every day. But for now and the next two years, our main concern is to have solid foundations, which means we must list every myth attached to a creature and check proof all our sources and references.

Things to do

  • Help wikify those articles that contain no links.
  • If an article has been transferred from another Wiki project, edit out those red links that aren't appropriate to Monstropedia.
  • Can you draw? Artistic? Consider creating original artwork for articles..
  • Offer your thoughts and ideas on proposed policies.
  • Those articles that have been transferred from other Wiki projects require a bold editor's hand to turn them into Monstropedia articles. We want our content on monsters to be the definitive article, not merely a mirror repository for wikipedia. Using them as a starting point, let's edit!
  • A first taxonomy of monsters has been proposed. We now have to create a template for articles. What do you think should be included?
  • Image uploading is available. All images will need to be copyright-status tagged. Viper has created the templates, but you will need to select the correct tag for each image you add.
  • Viper will also produce a template guide, so that you can see at a glance what {{template code}} to select.