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In the folklore of the Isle of Man, Mooinjer-Veggey is the name given to the Little People.


Manx people never called them Fairies, but Themselves, or the Little People, or the Little Fellows / Lil Fellas, or the Little Ones, or some times Guillyn Veggey. The equivalent Irish is Muintir Bheaga.


Mooinjer-Veggey are small persons from two to three feet in height, otherwise very like mortals. They wear red caps and green jackets and axe very fond of hunting indeed they are most often seen on horseback followed by packs of little hounds of all the colours of the rainbow.


Mooinjer-Veggey are rather inclined to be mischievous and spiteful, and that is why they are called by such good names, in case they should be listening!