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Mukasura or Mukāsura (मुकासुर) was a demon friend of Kauravasand, son of Upasunda.


Mukasura was sent to disturb the austerities, Arjuna was performing at Indra keeladri. Mukāsura went to forest where Arjuna was practicing his vows of prayer, vigil, and fast and attacked Arjuna in the form of a boar to kill.

Arjuna was actually conducting his penance to please Siva and obtain the great weapon called " pasupatha- astra" (the missile of pasupatha, the lord of animate world). Lord Siva sends Mukasara in the form of boar to test the severity of the penances by Arjuna. He follows the boar in the guise of a tribal.

Arjuna gets angry at the disturbing beast and shoots an arrow, when Siva also pierces it with his own arrow simultaneously. There will be a big argument over who has killed the boar and a great fight ensues between Arjuna and Lord Siva.

At the end of it, Siva appreciates the valor of Arjuna and grants him the boon of the missile.


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