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The nagumwasuck are fairy creatures known in the foklore of the Passamaquoddy indian tribe.

Nagumwasuck are sad faced little people, 7" tall, and unspeakably ugly with twisted faces. Very thin and conservative in dress (generally dressing in softened bark cloth), the Nagumwasuck have little hair, large pointed noses, and deep-set eyes. They are rarely seen, since their ugly appearance makes them very self-conscious. So whenever there is a human about they quickly dodge out of sight.

These spirits though ugly, are very helpful and create good luck in all of the tribe's activities.

The Nagumwasuck are the guardian spirits of the Passamaquoddy Indians of the Northeast and used to live a lifestyle much like that tribe's traditional one. While their territory once spread from Nova Scotia through Maine, the Nagumwasuck have suffered from the fall of the native Indian customs and beliefs. It is why the few that are said to remain are sad most time, living on their reservations and attempting to maintain the Nagumwasuck blessing of at least better fortune over the tribe. Mostly they enjoy engaging in nostalgia for the long ago old times with tribal elders.