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A Necromancer is an evil wizard who practices in the necromancy, the power over the world of the dead.


Necromancer have the power to raise corpses from the ground to create armies of Skeletons and zombies.

They in most cases borrow life-force from other living creatures to extent their own and to increase their strength. Often necromancers are of human kind, but that doesn’t mean humans are the only species practising necromancy. The most often used conduit for channeling the dark energies which they use to raise or control the dead are "Grimoires". These are tomes containing dark and ritualistic magic (also used by an array of witches, warlocks, and overall users of dark magic). Sometimes they are the very source of the users powers. In that case, if the grimoire is destroyed (usually burned) the user's powers will be destroyed along with it.

Sometimes this necromancy is commonly confused with some "voodoo rituals".


Necromancy may or may not have a relation to Shamanism, which calls upon spirits such as the ghosts of ancestors.

Historian Strabo refers to necromancy as the principal form of divination amongst the people of the Persian Empire,

The Babylonian necromancers themselves were called Manzazuu or Sha'etemmu and the spirits they raised were named Etemmu.

Also Norse mythology contains examples of necromancy: Odin summons a seeress from the dead to tell him of the future. In the first part of Svipdagsmál, the hero Svipdag summons his dead mother to cast spells for him.

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  • Hamilton, Laurell K.- The whole Anita Blake series is based upon the character who can raise the dead, and control them The Official Site
  • Rhadeil from paladin is a necromancer


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